Easily build a network of brands to amplify your loyalty program's value

Get all customers engaged, not just your most frequent.
Acquire and act on better data to grow your business.

Greater rewards for loyal customers; better ROI for brands


Loyalty currency partnerships

Issue popular loyalty currencies, or sell your points to other brands. Flexibly differentiate your program, while retaining complete control.

Maximize loyalty participation

Loyalty scheme members earn and spend your points freely with partners, giving more customers better reasons to remain loyal.

Detailed customer profiling

Gain actionable insight into how your customers interact with other brands. See exactly where and when your points are issued and redeemed.

Real-time marketing

Trigger the right message at the right time through existing or new marketing channels, in direct response to customer behavior.

Complete control

Freely select your currency trading partners. Choose to protect loyalty program data, or share with the network to gain richer audience insights.

Enterprise friendly

Our Micro-services architecture integrates seamlessly with your CRM and Campaign Management platforms.

the ultimate tool for loyalty managers

Currency Alliance is a smart, simple, cost-cutting SaaS solution, designed to be the ultimate tool for Loyalty Managers in executing their day-to-day business. It plugs effortlessly into your existing loyalty management platform for real-time processing via an API to manage incremental business. All information can be accessed and managed via the online portal.

Choose partners that complement your brand and
control each aspect of every campaign.

Get real-time access to details of all transactions in
your loyalty currency.

Manage your own currency via the Currency
Alliance Portal.

To explore the portal for free and see how it works

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No existing loyalty program?

Not a problem. Currency Alliance also offers a cost-free loyalty management platform for brands without an existing solution.

Find out more about the platform and pricing.

Quickly set rules to issue points based on purchases
or any other kind of customer activity.

Configure with total flexibility and build the perfect
campaign to engage your customer base.

You are also welcome to use comcoin™ as your
loyalty currency if you don't have one.

The loyalty ecosystem is so fragmented that most customers never reach interesting rewards. This leads to apathy. Fortunately, that can be overcome through partnerships.  

Charles Ehredt, CEO - Currency Alliance