TUI Musement, part of the leading packaged holiday company TUI Group, is one of the largest operators of tours and activities in the world.

TUI Musement registered an account on the Currency Alliance platform and within a matter of weeks sent partnership requests to leading airline and hotel group clients. They were seeking partnerships by which they could offer common customers the loyalty points in airline or hotel group programs as an incentive to book when traveling – or even when staying close to home. 

Reaching out to potential new partners and establishing relationships is streamlined by the transparent Currency Alliance Management Portal. Brands can find a list of potential partners, craft a highly customized partnership request message, and send the request directly to the decision-makers at the potential partner.

The potential partner can then decide if they want to reject the partnership, schedule a meeting to discuss the collaboration in more detail, or accept the partnership request. If they accept, the Currency Alliance platform starts a work-flow process in which the requestee starts to define the commercial terms they expect in the final agreement. Both parties can take advantage of standard contract templates and a facilitated commercial schedule to capture any unique characteristics of the partnership. Once both parties are aligned on the terms, they can finalize the agreement.

Dozens of other brands on the Currency Alliance platform have sent thousands of partnership requests to the key decision-makers at the loyalty programs they want to work with. Getting access to these people could take months via LinkedIn –  or a great deal of time, money and patience attending industry conferences where the loyalty program leaders responsible for partner collaborations gather once per year.

The Currency Alliance platform – operating as a Global B2B Marketplace for brands to collaborate by issuing, redeeming, or exchanging points – enables any type of company to find ideal partners to grow their business while keeping the set-up costs low.