Best-in-class loyalty SaaS, built on MACH principles

Currency Alliance was founded to free loyalty teams from the IT bottlenecks that slow down partner onboarding, restrict innovation, and consume value that could otherwise be used to reward customers.

Our API-first platform is built on modern design principles, to bring brands the most advanced loyalty marketing functionality, at the lowest possible cost.

The majority of our functionality can be accessed through one, simple integration. This is because our API has over 35 highly-customized endpoints, which anticipate every loyalty use-case that we’ve encountered to date.

Here’s what you can achieve with our API-first technology.

Extend your existing loyalty system

There’s no need to replace your existing loyalty platform in order to benefit from Currency Alliance’s advanced functionality.

The Currency Alliance team will connect your existing platform free, via one simple integration. You then immediately gain a thin layer of cloud-based technology that extends the useful life of legacy systems.

Currency Alliance will then exchange data with your loyalty platform via our secure API, in real-time, allowing you to quickly get started with our best-in-class loyalty tools.

Migrate to a modular architecture

Built on MACH principles, Currency Alliance is a fully-composable solution, simplifying integration with any other component in your technical architecture. This opens up limitless possibilities for loyalty marketing in your business, to drive customer engagement at any touchpoint.

On the customer experience side, it means you can easily apply loyalty marketing to any touchpoint – including your retail stores, social media, or your primary ecommerce environment.

On the business side, it means you can draw on data insights from across the business to enable more effective loyalty marketing. That could include sharing loyalty data with the customer data platform (CDP), your inventory analytics & forecasting tools – and any other relevant software module.

Headless Loyalty Platform

Headless loyalty with Currency Alliance

For brands launching a new loyalty program, or fully replacing their old loyalty platform, you can go headless with Currency Alliance.

Our core platform comprises only the components required by loyalty managers in their everyday roles, along with a highly-customized API.

We integrate with your existing enterprise CRM/CDP and campaign management solutions, so you don’t end up with data spread across silos, and all actions are coordinated for maximum customer engagement.

You can use this to connect with any customer experience (CX) – whether that’s your app, your webstore, or physical stores. We work with any commerce platform to enable whatever redemption options you want to offer members, allowing the brand total freedom over which CX to provide for loyalty engagement.

Additional SaaS loyalty solutions

In addition to our core platform, we also offer a growing collection of lightweight solutions which allow teams to quickly implement new improvements or strategic initiatives in their loyalty program.

White label solutions for digital touchpoints

White label solutions for digital touchpoints

These solutions allow customers to earn, burn, redeem, and log into their loyalty account, in any digital CX. No IT dependency; no upfront cost.
Enable pay with points in-store

Enable pay with points in-store

The Universal Points Terminal is a free app that runs on any POS terminal or browser-enabled device, enabling loyalty engagement at checkout, with no hardcoded integration required.

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