Our Mission

Currency Alliance was born with a clear mission to create a Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace, an extraordinary platform that any company can use to create their own loyalty ecosystems with complementary brands – regardless of size, industry, geographic location, and incumbent technology.

i.e., to deliver a thin layer of low-cost technology to enable amazing agility.

Our origins

Loyalty programs once worked miracles, but in recent years, the vast fragmentation of loyalty schemes have faced a completely new range of challenges to keep customers engaged. A bridge between old and new technology was needed so brands could progress smoothly with their digital transformation efforts.

Most loyalty programs only work well for frequent customers, while the majority of less frequent customers rarely earn enough loyalty value to influence their behavior. Giving more choice and freedom is the key to maximizing the lifetime value of every customer. This is magic that unlocks insightful data, permission to engage more customers, and without increasing cost.

So in 2015, we asked ourselves the big question: Is there any way a company can maximize the Lifetime Value of Every Customer?

The answer was YES: based on insight on how many brands can collaborate to co-create more customer value.


Our innovative technology supports companies at every stage of the loyalty journey. From building your own loyalty program, to enabling every type of loyalty transaction, we provide best-in-class tools and value-added services to streamline all your loyalty operations, and bring you all the benefits of multi-brand loyalty collaboration.

Our complementary team brings decades of experience in marketing, software development, finance, and business development. We work together with the same simple objective: supporting companies in maximizing the Lifetime Value of every Customer.

4 Steps to maximize the Lifetime Value of Every Customer


Setup an account on the Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace for free and in less than 10 minutes


Create loyalty partnerships with global and local brands and execute any type of loyalty-building activity


Discover insights about your customers and share the agreed level of info with your partners


Provide personalized experiences and maximize the Lifetime Value of every Customer