For faster partner contracting between brands worldwide

As with every kind of partnership, loyalty partnerships depend on legal contracts between collaborating brands.

Currency Alliance’s framework for partnership agreements, which is embedded in the Currency Alliance platform, is free to clients and based on global best practices, as well as on years of experience in collaborating with brands worldwide across many industries.

Alternatively, Currency Alliance can assume greater responsibility as the entity guaranteeing payment and establishing partnerships, without the need for a contract with each partner.

All solutions greatly reduce the burden placed on the legal department to customize agreements for each partner, so partnerships can be implemented with lower cost and less investment of time.

3 optional templates for loyalty partnership agreements

Standardized scalable agreements

Reducing customization from one partner to the next

A two-part agreement comprising standard terms, with 2-3 pages of additional terms which are customized for each partnership.

Standardized agency agreements

Currency Alliance negotiates the contract on your behalf, under your guidelines

You set out your desired partner profiles – such as brand, company size, location, etc. – and we negotiate the contract between yourself and the partner brand.

Serviced agreements

Currency Alliance contracts directly with your approved partners

Avoids the need for direct commercial agreements with each partner. Instead, Currency Alliance secures the partnerships that you approve and handles all invoicing, payments and administration, on terms set by you.

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