Accept points as payment at any point of sale

Allow your customers to spend their points value in any setting you choose, with Currency Alliance’s API-first loyalty tools.

This requires no hardcoded integration – either to your ecommerce platform or your retail POS. We simply connect your loyalty platform to Currency Alliance, giving you access to our SaaS tools for enabling loyalty transactions online, and in store.

Currency Alliance then handles all the reconciliation, settlement and reporting for the transaction – greatly reducing the administration effort for your loyalty team.

Here’s some of our functionality around ‘pay with points’...

Points transactions in any commerce setting

Our API-first architecture means you can display points prices alongside products, and add points as a payment method to any checkout process.

Or, to get started even more easily, we offer dedicated solutions for in-store and online, which require no IT dependency. Click here to learn more.

Points transactions in any commerce setting

Any combination of points and cash

Allow customers to pay in the way that suits them – points, cash, or a combination of the two.

Transactions in your partners’ loyalty points or miles

Allow customers to select your partners’ currency as the payment method. The customer doesn’t need to exchange into the partner’s program – they simply pay, and Currency Alliance handles the rest.

Any combination of points and cash

Dedicated solutions for pay with points

Whether in-store or online, these solutions allow business of any size to enable pay with points with no upfront cost, and no IT dependency. Simply connect with Currency Alliance, and get started within days.

Enable pay with points online

Enable pay with points online

Easily insert our white label 'pay with points' widget into your checkout process, and allow customers to choose whether to pay in fiat currency, points, or a combination of the two.
Enable pay with points in-store

Enable pay with points in-store

The Universal Points Terminal is a free app that runs on any POS terminal or browser-enabled device, enabling loyalty engagement at checkout, with no hardcoded integration required.

Automated settlement & administration

When you enable ‘pay with points’ with Currency Alliance, there are no additional processes to worry about. We automate all the settlement and reconciliation, and generate consolidated reporting for all stakeholders, and related invoices if requested by the partners.

This eliminates manual processes and flat files from your reporting and accounting, greatly reducing the processing cost of your points transactions.

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