Evolve your loyalty coalition into a lifestyle rewards program

With Currency Alliance, coalition loyalty is now simpler and lower-cost than ever before – whether you’re running the coalition, joining somebody else’s, or launching a new coalition loyalty program.

Currency Alliance is a loyalty network, where complementary brands form partnerships so that customers can engage more frequently with the brands’ loyalty programs.

By extending your partner network and minimizing costs, you can extend your coalition into more of your customer’s everyday spending, and transform your loyalty coalition into a lifestyle brand. This maximizes the value and utility of points for members, which ultimately drives greater customer engagement.

Here’s how Currency Alliance supports more effective coalition loyalty...

Partner lifecycle management at scale

Partner lifecycle management at scale

Powerful, intuitive tools for all financial and administrative aspects of partner management.
The Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™

The Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™

Partner with other loyalty programs in days, even hours, with streamlined IT integration and a standardized legal framework.

Data sharing between partners

Each brand collaborating via Currency Alliance can decide what data to share with its partners. The Marketplace is fully GDPR compliant and helps comply with ASC-606 and IFRS-15 Revenue Recognition Standards.

Low, simple pricing, for brands of all sizes

There’s no capex, license fee, or set-up fees to get started with Currency Alliance. Nor are there any long-term contracts.

We charge only 2% of the loyalty value issued to members.

This often works out to 0.02% of your incremental revenue.

This makes it affordable for businesses of all sizes to collaborate in your loyalty coalition. This extends the appeal of your loyalty program to more customers, and more brands, by making your loyalty currency more useful to members for everyday spending.

Legal framework for partner contracts

Every partnership in a loyalty network depends on legal contracts between collaborating brands.

Currency Alliance’s partnership agreements framework is based on global best practices, and is embedded in the platform so that clients can benefit years of experience of collaborating with brands worldwide in many different industries.

This greatly reduces the legal department as a blocker to partner connectivity – reducing friction in the growth and expansion of your loyalty coalition.

Legal framework for partner contracts

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