Automatically identify loyalty program members at checkout

Eliminate the effort of loyalty transactions for the customer, by allowing them to link their preferred payment method with their loyalty account.

Payment cards

Payment cards

With payment cards such as Visa or Mastercard, Currency Alliance reduces the cost of this integration, since we work seamlessly with third parties across countries worldwide, that have integrated with the payment network.
Mobile wallets

Mobile wallets

With mobile wallets such as Apple Pay, Google Pay, or others that are popular in your market, benefit from real-time data insights and transaction processing, via a low-cost integration with the payment app.

The benefits of card-linked loyalty include...

  • Increased customer engagement

    With no need to carry a physical loyalty card, and no need to download a separate app, it becomes effortless for the customer to earn points with your brand or among partners. This allows you to capture more data, on more customers, and maximize engagement in your loyalty program.

  • Real-time transaction processing via the mobile wallet

    Rather than waiting a few days for the payment network to report your loyalty transactions, integrate with the mobile wallet to benefit from real-time processing of points transactions. This quickly updates the customer’s points balance and accelerates loyalty engagement.

  • Faster, smoother checkout in store

    Save several seconds at checkout on every points transaction, by removing the need for the loyalty program member to identify themselves.


More ways to identify customers at the POS

Card linking is just one of the ways that Currency Alliance can help you identify customers at the point of sale.

You could also achieve this by...

Enable pay with points online

Enable pay with points online

Easily insert our white label 'pay with points' widget into your checkout process, and allow customers to choose whether to pay in fiat currency, points, or a combination of the two.
Enable pay with points in-store

Enable pay with points in-store

The Universal Points Terminal is a free app that runs on any POS terminal or browser-enabled device, enabling loyalty engagement at checkout, with no hardcoded integration required.

Simply connect with Currency Alliance, and get started within days

A full suite of tools for maximizing loyalty engagement

Beyond identifying the customer at the point of sale, Currency Alliance offers a wide range of tools for increasing engagement in loyalty program, and improving the collection of customer data.

The most important part of this effort is partner loyalty - which Currency Alliance enhances through our solutions for partner connectivity and partner lifecycle management.