Our Technology - Headless Loyalty Platform

Currency Alliance is designed to support brands at any stage of their loyalty and digital transformation: from new startups, to long-established global brands.

Our cloud-base software fits as a thin layer over your existing marketing stack. With easy API integration and no need to rip out existing systems, you can start using our loyalty microservices within days.

Unlimited possibilities with Currency Alliance Technology

Headless Loyalty Platform

Key characteristics of our Technology

Our key Loyalty Services

Each service is optional therefore you can mix and match the functional options to meet your business requirements.

Accrual Service

Issue points and miles to your members from anywhere

  • Only one integration needed. No need for numerous partner integrations, and without affecting your loyalty system and infrastructure
  • A one-stop shop for scaling your network of issuing partners, or for issuing other popular loyalty currencies

Any brand, any size of business. Our platform accepts multiple message formats suited to your business needs – API calls, flat files or manual transfers

Direct Accrual

Points and Miles Exchange

Secured exchange services that allow members to convert from one loyalty currency to another

  • One-time integration with a standard API, allowing you to collaborate with any other loyalty currency partner, regardless of the partner's underlying technology
  • Dynamic exchange rules which allows diverse contractual conditions to be automatically implemented

Points and Miles Exchange

Market's First Redemption Gateway

Allow points and miles as a form of payment anywhere

  • Enable redemptions with any partner in real-time. No need to exchange points into gift cards and then purchase content on a redemption partner's platform
  • Enabling agile redemption ecosystems, we free brands from the need to operate a static redemption catalog

Market's First Redemption Gateway

Loyalty Rules Engine

The processing block that defines and executes the logic for earn/redeem actions

  • Server-side setup allows you to quickly define and enable/disable loyalty rules and launch marketing campaigns, without any dependence on IT teams or code rollouts
  • Configure and execute purchase and non-purchase rules, whether for simple campaigns or multi-brand promotions

Purchase Rules

Main Loyalty Points Bank

The single source of truth on all your loyalty transactions and customer points balances

  • With state-of-the-art security and an extensible data structure, our enterprise-grade SaaS is suitable for businesses of all sizes
  • Immutable double-entry ledger entries providing auditability, compliance, and regenerability

Main Points Bank

Frequently Asked Questions

  • We do not have the resources for technology integrations. What can we do?

    No additional resources are needed. The feature Currency Alliance is most proud of is our extremely easy API integration, that takes less than a week. Some companies have integrated in as little as three hours.

  • My company is using many third-party services. Can we still integrate with Currency Alliance?

    Of course - thanks to our microservice architecture, we can seamlessly work with any third-party services.

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