Removing the IT bottleneck around loyalty partnerships

Currency Alliance’s API can connect with any enterprise loyalty platform in days, even hours. We typically carry out this integration for free, for you, and any partnered brands in your loyalty program.

Currency Alliance provides connectivity, but rarely behaves as an intermediary. This means that partnered brands can connect via Currency Alliance, with no hardcoded integration and no IT dependency, in just a few clicks. Their shared customers can then earn, burn and exchange their loyalty points and miles between partnered brands.

Both brands then gain access to unlimited new partnership opportunities with other brands using the platform – but with total control and transparency over all your collaborations, agreements and loyalty operations.

For clients who don’t want to reveal their partners, Currency Alliance offers a private network option. This includes all of our standard technology solutions, but partners issuing your points only see your brand.

Once you’re connected, take advantage of our partner lifecycle management functionality, which can enhance the existing partnership management capabilities of any loyalty platform.

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The Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™

You can browse the marketplace for free, today, with no contractual commitment – simply register here.

Browse Currency Alliance’s Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™, discover the hundreds of brands already using the platform, and connect with your new partners in only a few clicks.

Find airlines, hotels, retailers, financial services brands, mobility providers, entertainment brands and many more worldwide.

Create and manage any kind of partnership, whether for ‘earn’ or ‘burn’ transactions, gift cards or redemptions, and capture data from partners to enrich customer profiles for improved personalization.

The Marketplace is fully GDPR compliant and helps comply with ASC-606 and IFRS-15 Revenue Recognition Standards. This gives you total freedom to exchange an agreed level of information with your loyalty partners.

Legal framework for partner contracts

As with every kind of partnership, loyalty partnerships depend on legal contracts between collaborating brands.

Currency Alliance’s framework for creating efficient partnership agreements is based on global best practices, and on years of experience of collaborating with brands worldwide in many different industries.

This framework greatly reduces the legal department as a blocker to partner collaboration – so that business professionals regain control over partner onboarding.

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Free to get started; low-cost to use

There’s no capex, license fee, or set-up fees to get started with Currency Alliance. Nor are there any long-term contracts.

We charge only 2% of the loyalty value issued to members.

This often works out to 0.02% of your incremental revenue.

This allows businesses of all sizes to collaborate using the Currency Alliance platform.

Interested to learn more?

Contact us for a demo, and discover Currency Alliance’s full range of partner connectivity tools.