Nextory, a Swedish company that publishes audio books in over 10 languages, was trying to convince Melia Hotels to promote their products to Melia Rewards members. Melia said they were interested in a collaboration, but Nextory would have to connect to the loyalty program to issue points via the Currency Alliance platform.

Brands can come into the Currency Alliance ecosystem from many different touchpoints or dimensions, but once they are on the platform, they can discover many new potential partners. These include 30+ airlines, most of the large hotel groups, coalition loyalty programs, bank-related loyalty programs, and standalone programs from retail brands.

Once Nextory registered on the Currency Alliance platform, they prepared a short presentation that could be sent to various potential partners to introduce themselves. They said they would like to collaborate with various brands by issuing points to the hundreds of millions of members of the programs registered in the Currency Alliance Global B2B Marketplace for loyalty programs.

Within weeks, Nextory was able to establish an agreement with Air France-KLM’s Flying Blue loyalty program. The future might include working with dozens of different loyalty programs to reach a much wider potential audience for their audio books – all without the need for any further IT effort.

In fact, many of the large loyalty programs in travel are particularly interested in working with Nextory because they have a large catalog of audio books for children. As we all know, young people need quality entertainment when traveling.