Upgrade your partner lifecycle management capabilities

Currency Alliance’s partner management capabilities are based on years of enabling loyalty partnerships with global brands.

In a matter of days, equip your loyalty and partnerships team with a user-friendly management portal, connected to your existing loyalty system, with advanced functionality to manage all aspects of your partnerships.


All types of transactions, in your loyalty currency, or a partner’s

Currency Alliance enables you to easily issue, redeem, or exchange points across a curated network of complementary partners.

You can enable (or block) any feature for each partner, giving you total control over each of the partnerships.


Issue any loyalty currency – yours, or a partner’s.

Allow your partners to issue your loyalty currency in real time from any touchpoint.


Enable redemptions for any products or services, online or offline.

Set pricing for redemptions in your loyalty currency, and vary the redemption value based on ROI.

Exchange In and Out

Allow exchange into and out of your currency.

Or, if you prefer, allow one-way exchange only, into or out of your program.

Reconciliation, settlement & reporting for loyalty transactions

Built by a team with a background in banking, Currency Alliance manages points transactions to the same security and accounting standards used in financial services.

Benefit from services such as consistent reporting, flexible reconciliation, and efficient settlement. Send and receive consolidated invoices, removing the need for multiple individual invoices for each partnership.

You can collect payments through escrow accounts, payment in advance or credit, and define a different method of payment for each partnership.

Free to get started; low-cost to use

There’s no capex, license fee, or set-up fees to get started with Currency Alliance. Nor are there any long-term contracts.

We charge only 2% of the loyalty value issued to members.

This often works out to 0.02% of your incremental revenue.

This allows businesses of all sizes to collaborate using the Currency Alliance platform.