Increasing the perceived value of your loyalty points or miles

The ability to link loyalty accounts is a key tenet of customer value, increasing the appeal of loyalty points or miles by making them more useful to members.

When brands connect via our Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™, they can then deploy our low-code account linking solution in a website, app, or any other digital setting, with minimal IT support.

Customers can link their loyalty accounts in a few clicks, and based on the commercial agreement between partners, move their points value from one program to another, and earn or burn in partnered loyalty currencies

Secure authentication in the brand’s environment

Our white label solution minimizes the transfer of personally identifiable information (PII) when the customers link their loyalty accounts, or carry out transactions in different loyalty currencies.

Here’s how it works...

Step 1

Step 1

The member selects a partnered program where they also hold a loyalty account.

Step 2

Step 2

This launches the partner’s authentication process, where the customer signs in using the partner’s authentication method - SSO, oAuth, multi-factor authentication, one-time passcodes, etc

Step 3

Step 3

This generates a token, and returns the customer to the original brand’s website or app. The customer then finalizes the account linking or performs any authorized loyalty transaction based on the token.

The linking removes the need to access the member’s ID in the partner program. If required, the ID can be tokenized, so no data is discoverable by any entity.

The customer, meanwhile, immediately gains the ability to carry out loyalty transactions in partnered loyalty currencies – increasing engagement in both loyalty programs.

More low-code white label solutions from Currency Alliance

Currency Alliance offers a range of white labels, which introduce loyalty connectivity to your customer journeys with minimal IT effort. This includes white labels for exchanging into gift gifts, paying with points, loyalty account log-in and more.

Thought leadership on account linking

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