Fast, low-cost exchange of loyalty points & miles

One of the greatest benefits of partner loyalty is giving the customer greater freedom and choice in how they use their loyalty value. The ability to move the points value, to where it’s most useful to them, motivates the customer to earn more points in the first place.

That could be by earning or burning in a partner’s currency, or by exchanging the points from one program into another.

With Currency Alliance, exchange transactions between brands are processed automatically, in real-time, so the customer’s points balance is updated in seconds – with greatly reduced administration for brand.

The cost to the brand is only 2% of the points value exchanged. The brands, meanwhile, benefit from a suite of powerful SaaS tools, which simplify collaboration around popular loyalty currencies at no additional cost.

Here’s how Currency Alliance supports more effective coalition loyalty...

Complete control of your points transactions

You have complete control of the nature of your exchange partnerships. Set a price for your points, and for each partner, decide whether you want to enable exchange in or out of your loyalty program, or to allow common customers to redeem using your loyalty currency.


Issue any loyalty currency – yours, or a partner’s.

Allow your partners to issue your loyalty currency in real time from any touchpoint.


Enable redemptions for any products or services, online or offline.

Set pricing for redemptions in your loyalty currency, and vary the redemption value based on ROI.

Exchange In and Out

Allow exchange into and out of your currency.

Or, if you prefer, allow one-way exchange only, into or out of your program.

Points, gift cards, carbon offsets and more

Currency Alliance can handle any kind of transaction, between any type of stored value in a business.

That includes loyalty currencies, gift cards, cash, carbon offsets and more – meaning that every brand can allow customers to earn or redeem the form of value that they prefer.

Points and Miles Exchange

Gifting, buying, and tipping with points

As an API-first platform, Currency Alliance can enable points transactions to take place in any omnichannel environment, between any two parties. This means that customers can buy points, transfer them among family or friends, or even give points as gratuities to customer service professionals.

Whatever the type of transaction, the relevant points balances are updated in real-time.

Automated administration

Currency Alliance gives clients total flexibility in how they administer partnerships – with the options of automated settlement and reconciliation, or generating consolidated invoices. This eliminates manual processes, reporting and accounting, with no flat files, and greatly reduced operational costs.

Low-cost transactions, with extensive additional SaaS functionality

There’s no capex, license fee, or set-up fees to get started with Currency Alliance. Nor are there any long-term contracts.

We charge only 2% of the loyalty value issued to members.

This often works out to 0.02% of your incremental revenue.

This makes it affordable for brands of any size to collaborate around their customers’ favorite loyalty currencies.

And when they do, they gain access to a full suite of best-in-class SaaS loyalty tools, at no additional cost, as well as really insightful data about each customer’s interaction with partners.

A full suite of SaaS tools for loyalty partnerships

Currency Alliance offers a full suite of tools for setting up and managing loyalty partnerships. Here are our two primary modules for enhancing loyalty collaboration - which can be to set up a new loyalty program, or to extend the capability of any existing loyalty platform.

Partner lifecycle management at scale

Partner lifecycle management at scale

Powerful, intuitive tools for all financial and administrative aspects of partner management.
The Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™

The Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™

Partner with other loyalty programs in days, even hours, with streamlined IT integration and a standardized legal framework.

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