Dynata is the largest consumer research company in the world, and runs a loyalty program called eRewards to motivate participation in surveys. One of their largest sources of survey respondents is the many millions of members in loyalty programs around the world.

Loyalty programs are such a valuable data source, because loyalty programs such as Flying Blue from Air France-KLM know a considerable amount about their loyalty program members: residence, demographics, travel preferences, etc. This allows Dynata and Flying Blue to target the types of people most valuable in consumer research surveys, which are highly customized to the research needs of Dynata’s client brands.

Dynata integrated with the Currency Alliance platform in less than one week. They were then able to connect with multiple partner loyalty programs, such as Melia Rewards or Air France-KLM, to issue or exchange points from their eRewards program, into the loyalty points/miles that their common customers prefer to collect.

This has greatly reduced the need for Dynata to integrate into multiple loyalty systems – many of which are legacy platforms without modern APIs. Instead, with each API call, they simply instruct Currency Alliance which loyalty currency should be issued, to which member, and the amount of points/miles to grant. Furthermore, Dynata can now connect with many additional partners without any IT involvement or integrations required.

Dynata benefits from a consolidated invoice from Currency Alliance that includes the cost of points/miles from each program, and the tiny fee Currency Alliance charges. The burden on their accounting department, therefore, is also significantly reduced.

If you’re interested in collaborating with Dynata so that your members can earn your points/miles when completing consumer research surveys, please contact Currency Alliance for an introduction, or reach out to Dynata via other channels. In our experience, the Dynata survey platform and the individual surveys are interesting for members. With a few minutes of dedication per week or month, loyalty program members can accelerate their points earning in popular programs, even when they aren’t interacting directly with the loyalty program operator’s brand.