Active Super is one of the largest pension funds in Australia.

Via a local technology partner called Covalent, Currency Alliance was able to help set up a card-linking program so pension members could earn points across a vast network of participating retailers.

This allowed members to earn cashback on everyday purchases, which then gets swept periodically into their savings account to accelerate pension value growth.

The card-inking solution was sourced locally by Covalent, as would be expected in any country since such services cannot work on a regional or global scale. Covalent organized the integration between the card-linking solution and Currency Alliance, so Active Super member purchases could be recognized with participating merchants in the payment network and instantaneously generate the loyalty transaction in the Currency Alliance platform to capture the value.

Currency Alliance also provides Active Super with white label solutions for members to log in and see their points balance, transaction history, and determine how that economic value should be used by the member to meet their own objectives.

Interestingly, Covalent changed the card-linking supplier early in the program’s life and Currency Alliance was able to adapt to the new supplier within a few day’s of work – allowing members to continue earning without noticing any disruption to the service.