Air Miles Middle East is one of the largest and oldest coalition loyalty programs in the world, operating in the United Arab Emirates, Qatar, Bahrain, Oman and Egypt. Air Miles Middle East works with dozens of partners across the region to allow loyalty program members to earn points on major purchases, as well as on everyday spend.

Kognitiv, the owner of Air Miles Middle East, contracted with Currency Alliance to adapt the Universal Points Terminal for local market conditions, as a replacement for an aging app that was too challenging to upgrade. 

This deployment has now been live in-market for over a year, and already there are over 20 partners, comprising hundreds of stores. These stores are using the application daily to identify loyalty program members, issue points based on the customer’s purchase amount, or accept points as payment in-store without the need to integrate with the point of sale (POS) device.

The Universal Points Terminal is a webapp that will run in any browser on any device. Some of Air Miles Middle East’s partners operate it from the POS itself, while others run the app on laptops, tablets, or the mobile phones of store personnel.

Each new partner can be set up within 10-15 minutes, with no software changes, other than a few configuration features set via the Management Portal. Once a main user for the store has been set up, then that person can create accounts for additional stores and for each user within a store. The primary admin user can also designate store manager users across many locations, and allow each of them to create and manage accounts for additional users within their store(s).

Authorized users across the partner network also gain full reporting and administrative functionality from the Universal Points Terminal. This means that generating reports and distributing those to partners is now almost no effort at all for Air Miles Middle East – because partner personnel can serve themselves with nearly any information they require.

Air Miles Middle East has ambitious plans to expand their partner network so members can earn and burn points even more frequently, and the Universal Points Terminal from Currency Alliance is a key pillar in that expansion strategy. In the near future, they expect to use other Universal Points Terminal features, including the ability to register new members or accept various types of vouchers and gift cards at the POS.

Air Miles Middle East has found the key to scaling their partner collaborations is to rely on the type of technology that Currency Alliance can deliver quickly based on white label solutions that have been optimized for various use cases across dozens of markets.