Avolta (previously known as Dufry) is the world’s largest airport-based travel retailer. They operate duty free stores, thousands of restaurants, and Hudson’s convenience stores, in over 170 airports across five continents. Ambitious plans were established in 2022 to expand its customer base and improve personalization through a revised ‘Red by Dufry’ loyalty offering.

Currency Alliance was selected to enable the gift card and voucher solution on a global basis, enable connectivity to airline and hotel group partners, and facilitate the go-to-market roadmap by delivering various white label solutions to streamline operations.

For example, Currency Alliance’s white label solution for account linking was deployed between Red by Dufry and their initial partners at IAG Loyalty – British Airways and Iberia, which issue Avios as their loyalty currency. The account linking solution allows members of the different Avios loyalty programs to authenticate themselves when linking their Avios and Red by Dufry accounts.

Currency Alliance hosts most of the customer journey within the Red by Dufry apps, but allows members to authenticate themselves with their private credentials using the authentication server hosted by IAG Loyalty. This means that customers do not need to divulge their credentials in order to collaborate with partner brands.

Once accounts are linked, Avios members can redeem Avios for Avolta/Dufry vouchers, or set their account to automatically earn more Avios when shopping at Avolta/Dufry locations. When an Avios member has set their earning preference for earning Avios, the Avolta Point of Sale systems report purchase transactions via the Currency Alliance API. Within seconds, Currency Alliance generates the accrual transaction in the Avios system so members can see their new points.

Currency Alliance also hosts Red by Dufry’s mobile wallet as a white label solution, so that members can manage all their vouchers, gift cards, and other travel value, in a single location that is memorable to each customer.