Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace

Maximize the Lifetime Value of every Customer through multi-brand loyalty collaboration.

Currency Alliance’s B2B Loyalty Marketplace is a new way to collaborate with loyalty partners and streamline all your loyalty operations. Faster, easier and low-cost.

Benefits of multi-brand loyalty collaboration

Loyalty programs once worked miracles, but today, brands increasingly deal with inactive customers, increasing cost of acquisition and retention, as well as limited customer profiles. A unique way to overcome these challenges and Maximize the Lifetime Value of every Customer is through multi-brand loyalty collaborations, that will allow you to:

Understand customers' behavior, both with your brand, and with other brands - Capture more customer data and discover new insights. Obtain data from partners about customer frequency or products purchased to reveal lifestyle preferences

Accelerate earn velocity, and stimulate higher frequency and larger basket sizes - Give customers the choice of earning the points or miles they really want, and the ability to exchange for something of emotional interest

Improve your brand visibility everywhere your customers shop - Collaborate with partners in new strategic locations and markets and stay present in your customer's mind

Decrease the costs of customer acquisition and retention - Partner with complementary brands to allow their members to join your loyalty program

Generate new revenue streams - Sell points to partners or exchange points with partner loyalty programs

Maximize the Lifetime Value of every Customer - Make your loyalty program relevant for mid- and long-tail customers, not just the most frequent

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The SaaS platform for scalable, multi-brand loyalty collaborations

Simple partner discovery and collaboration agreements
Whether or not you have your own loyalty currency, you can form loyalty partnerships with brands worldwide in the Currency Alliance Marketplace and start collaborating quickly and easily.
All types of accrual, exchange and redemption transactions
Execute any type of loyalty transaction, from any touchpoint, in real time. Use our ultra-flexible Loyalty Rules Engine to set up any type of purchase or non-purchase rule.
Total control and transparency over your partnerships
Currency Alliance provides connectivity but does not behave as an intermediary. You have total control and transparency over all your collaborations, agreements and loyalty operations.
Payment Terms
Customer data sharing with your partners
The Marketplace is fully GDPR compliant and helps comply with ASC-606 and IFRS-15 Revenue Recognition Standards. This gives you total freedom to exchange an agreed level of information with your loyalty partners.
No more IT bottlenecks
Our disruptive technology requires only 1 simple API integration for unlimited partnership opportunities. This eliminates dependency on the IT team and removes the technical complexity of collaborating with other brands.
Simple, transparent pricing
No Capex, no license fee, no set-up fees. No long-term contracts, and no ongoing monthly minimum charges. We charge only when points/miles are issued to a member, allowing businesses of all sizes to join our Marketplace and collaborate.

A fintech approach to loyalty, for every type of loyalty transaction

You can enable (or block) any feature for each partner, giving you total control over each of the partnerships.


Issue your own loyalty currency or your partners' loyalty currencies

Allow your partners to issue your loyalty currency in real time from any touchpoint

Exchange In and Out

Allow exchange into and out of your currency

Or, if you prefer, allow one-way exchange only, into or out of your program


Enable redemptions for any products or services, online or offline

You can even allow customers to combine multiple currencies for a single redemption

Extensive range of enhancements via our intuitive Management Portal

Gift Card Management

Emotional engagement

Improve emotional engagement through accrual rules for non-purchase activities, such as responding to surveys, referrals, birthdays, social media engagements, and any other type of activity.

Gift cards

Create new self-branded gift cards to be issued in real-time as well as access to more than 4,500 existing brands’ gift cards in 60 fiat currencies.

Extended exchange capabilities

Access extended exchange capabilities into gaming credits, charity programs, sustainability projects, and digital products such as e-magazines, online subscriptions, music etc.

Cohort partnerships

Strike up 'Cohort' partnerships, which are collaborations with SME partners that do not have the time or sophistication to manage an entire loyalty program.

Value-added services

Enjoy value-added services such as consistent reporting, flexible reconciliation, and efficient settlement.

Payment collection

You can collect payments through escrow accounts, payment in advance or credit. You can define a different method of payment for each partnership.

Simple and intuitive, the Currency Alliance Management Portal is user-friendly and easy to navigate - very little training required.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • How long does it take to register on the Currency Alliance platform?

    It takes about 10-15 minutes, and registration is completely free of charge. Even if you don´t integrate right away, registering will uncover how many other partners are interested in doing business with you.

  • I already have a couple of partnerships with other brands. Can I collaborate with my existing partners using Currency Alliance?

    Of course. They need to register (at no cost, in about 10-15 minutes) and integrate into our platform (again, at no cost, in less than 1 week). After that, they need to send your brand a partnership request, and once you’ve accepted the request and set up your partnership rules, you are both ready to go.

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