Your own Loyalty Program and Loyalty Currency

There’s more to loyalty than just points – but with a loyalty program at the heart of your brand's marketing, you'll have a powerful tool to engage and reward your customers.

Get your new loyalty program up and running in less than a week, with Currency Alliance’s enterprise-class loyalty microservices. Maintain complete control of your customer data, customer journey and customer experience without expensive and complicated integrations.

5 core modules of a loyalty system explained

Main Points Bank

Main Points Bank

The single source of truth that keeps track of all your loyalty transactions and customer points balances

Provided by Currency Alliance

Loyalty Rules Engine

Loyalty Rules Engine

The flexible and powerful module for defining the logic for how many points a customer should earn/redeem for any type of action or purchase

Provided by Currency Alliance

Redemption Catalog

Redemption Catalog

An aggregated portfolio of rewards that motivates the customer to engage with the brand in exchange for points

Reward options available from Currency Alliance

CRM and Analytics

CRM and Analytics

To capture data about customers, build profiles and run predictive analytics

Currency Alliance will integrate with any enterprise solution

Campaign Management System

Campaign Management System

To manage all communications with customers across any communications channel

Currency Alliance will integrate with any enterprise solution

The Points Bank and Loyalty Rules Engine from Currency Alliance can easily integrate into your existing technical architecture

Each loyalty system is composed of 5 modules

Main Points Bank, Loyalty Rules Engine, CRM and Analytics, CMS and Redemption Catalogue.

Most loyalty systems on the market provide all five modules, tightly bundled into one monolithic stack of software. These solutions are usually expensive to implement, maintain, and customize for different business purposes, whether for campaigns or collaborations with other brands.

They are also difficult to integrate with your wider marketing stack. Most brands prefer to use a different CRM or CMS program, but end up paying for redundant versions of those systems in the bundled loyalty platform. It’s usually difficult or impossible to move data into or out of the loyalty platform, leading to multiple data silos.

Currency Alliance’s disruptive approach

Currency Alliance has decoupled two of the five core loyalty modules – the Points Bank and Rules Engine - into microservices, allowing you to use either, or both of these components based on your business requirements. The Microservice Architecture allows a seamless integration with any of your existing and future third-party marketing solutions. This means you are always in control of your customer journey, experience, and data.

You can use our Points Bank and Loyalty Rules Engine microservices with no up-front cost, and customize them for any of your business purposes. To put it simply, our technology is purpose-built to complement your organization’s existing tech stack.

Build a loyalty program that fits your needs and preferences

The Main Points Bank and Loyalty Rules Engine provided by Currency Alliance as cloud-based microservices give you total flexibility and allows seamless integration with your current CRM and Campaign Management System.

The entire integration and loyalty program setup process typically takes less than a week.

Currency Alliance Loyalty Points Bank

  • Create a brand-new loyalty currency in less than 30 minutes

  • With state-of-the-art security and an extensible data structure, our enterprise-grade SaaS is suitable for businesses of all sizes

  • A double-entry ledger serves as your immutable event stream, to provide auditability, compliance, and regenerability

Currency Alliance Loyalty Rules Engine

  • One of the most versatile Rules Engines in the loyalty industry. Configure and execute rules at any time, from simple campaigns to multi-brand promotions

  • Accrual rules for non-purchase activities - such as responding to surveys, referrals, birthdays, social media engagements, and any other type of activity

  • Server-side setup allows you to quickly define and enable/disable loyalty rules through the intuitive management portal. No need for IT support or code rollouts to quickly launch marketing campaigns

Loyalty Program - a unique way to...

Increase customer engagement - start capturing data and provide meaningful and personalized experiences to every customer

Differentiate your brand from competitors - become your customer’s first choice by providing additional value to your current offerings

Decrease cost of customer retention - by making your customer feel appreciated with personalized offers, and the right message at the right time

Stimulate customer frequency and increase basket sizes - by allowing customers to earn and exchange their points for something of emotional interest

In addition, having your own Loyalty Program and Loyalty Currency gives you an incredible opportunity to create loyalty collaborations with local and global brands through our B2B Loyalty Marketplace.

Learn more about the benefits of multi-brand loyalty collaboration

We are NOT another Loyalty System Provider...

Less than 1 week6-18 months1-3 months
Zero100K - 2M10K - 40K
Only 2% of the Loyalty Value Issued3K - 700K / year2K - 20K / year
YesNo, suggests to use its proprietary servicesOptional, but suggests to use its propietary services
Global Marketplace & only 1 integration for all your current and future collaborationsNoNo

Frequently Asked Questions

  • I’m not sure that having my own Loyalty Currency will be beneficial for my brand. Is there any other way I can collaborate with other brands on the platform?

    Yes - with Currency Alliance you can collaborate with your customer's favorite brands and and issue their loyalty currency. Find out more about the B2B Loyalty Marketplace

  • We do not have resources and budget to create a Loyalty Program. What can we do?

    No additional resources or budget are needed! There is no cost for registering and using our Main Points Bank & Loyalty Rules Engine. You can create your own Loyalty Program within less than a week, with no up-front cost and very small operational cost. Check our disruptive pricing policy

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