API-first loyalty technology, for partner collaboration and more

Form new loyalty partnerships via one simple, low-cost API, and develop custom loyalty solutions using our SaaS tools

Enhance your existing loyalty program

A SaaS layer of loyalty functionality that extends the capabilities of any existing loyalty solution

Form new loyalty partnerships

Discover new partners, and enable any loyalty transaction in your own loyalty currency, or your partners' points or miles

Launch a new loyalty program

Cloud-based, enterprise-class software modules that form the core of a modern loyalty program.

Partner loyalty made simple, with Currency Alliance's global loyalty marketplace

  • Use the Currency Alliance platform to issue, exchange, or redeem points.

  • Use your own points, or those from popular loyalty programs such as airlines, hotel groups, or coalitions.

  • Fast to install, low-cost to operate.

Did You Know?

Loyalty programs collaborating with complementary brands have three times more customers engaged.

Multi-brand loyalty collaboration - a unique way to maximize the Lifetime Value of every Customer

If you already have your own Loyalty Currency:

Create loyalty partnerships with complementary brands from your neighborhood, or all around the world.

If you do not have your own Loyalty Currency:

Issue Loyalty Currencies of brands loved by your customers or create your own Loyalty Program and Loyalty Currency.

Do you want to create your own Loyalty Program and Loyalty Currency?

You can build a compelling loyalty program on top of our easy API in a matter of days, and integrate seamlessly with your current CRM and other martech tools.

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Some of Our Partners

Read here some of our Partners' success stories

Air France - KLM
Qatar Airways
Garuda Indonesia
First Abu Dhabi Bank
Moness Resort
Air Miles
Vietnam Airlines
Globe Telecom
Active Super
Kenya Airways
Do Good Points
Reward The World

Multi-brand loyalty collaboration allows you to...

Find out more about the benefits of multi-brand loyalty collaboration

The Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace - one single platform for all your loyalty collaborations

Issuing Partnerships
  • Achieve scalable multi-brand collaborations via our flexible, SaaS platform

  • Discover complementary local and global brands and create loyalty partnerships

  • Enable any type of accrual, exchange or redemption transaction from any touchpoint

  • Create any type of loyalty rules or campaigns with our ultra-flexible Rules Engine

  • Minimize collection risk with escrow accounts, payment in advance, or credit facilities

  • Enjoy consistent reporting, flexible reconciliation, and efficient settlement

  • Retain total control and visibility over all your partnerships

Only one API integration provides the connectivity for all your current and future loyalty partnerships.

Find out more about the Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace

The Technology behind: Headless Loyalty Platform

Find out more about our technology and API documentation

Why Currency Alliance?

A simple but powerful way to connect with Partners

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self-service, Global B2B Loyalty Marketplace

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Headless Loyalty Platform

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Low and
transparent pricing

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Highly experienced team of professionals

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Compared to similar solutions on the market



Reducing Partnership contract negotiations from 6-12 months to 1-4 weeks.



Operational efficiency thanks to productivity tools, consistent reporting, and an intuitive management portal.


in financial costs

Consolidated invoices as well as automated reconciliation and settlement for Partnership reporting and accounting.

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