The SaaS loyalty partnerships platform

Maximize customer engagement with our tools for loyalty partner collaboration, and more.

Enhanced partner collaboration

Powerful, intuitive tools for all financial and administrative aspects of partner management.

Streamline new partnerships

Partner with other loyalty programs in days, even hours, with streamlined IT integration and a standardized legal framework.

Discover Low-Cost Loyalty Solutions

Enable ‘pay with points’, launch a new loyalty program, link accounts, and much more, with our API-first loyalty tools and CX white labels.

Partner loyalty made simple, with Currency Alliance’s Loyalty Partnerships Marketplace™

Easily partner with complementary brands to enhance member engagement, accelerate earn velocity, and maximize the lifetime value of every customer.

  • Discover, connect, and manage your loyalty partners.

  • Use the Currency Alliance platform to issue, exchange, or redeem points.

  • Use your own points, or those from popular loyalty programs.

  • Easy to implement, low-cost to operate.

API-first loyalty tools, purpose-built for simplified customer engagement

Currency Alliance can be used to extend the capability of any existing loyalty platform, or to launch a new program.

Here are some of the things that brands are achieving with Currency Alliance...

Partner connectivity

Partner lifecycle management

Partner discovery

Exchange points between brands

Pay with points

Identify members at POS

API-first loyalty

Loyalty for ecommerce

Launch a loyalty program

Issue your own loyalty points

Account linking

Voucher platform

Card-linked loyalty

Some of our partners...

Flying Blue
Qatar Airways
Live Nation
Singapore Airlines
Garuda Indonesia
First Abu Dhabi Bank
Moness Resort
Air Miles
Vietnam Airlines
Active Super
Do Good Points
Reward The World

Our technology

Learn more about our technology here

Built on MACH principles

Microservices, API-first, Cloud-native, and Headless

Secure multilayer architecture

With bank vault-like security, strong encryption mechanisms, granular scopes and data fences

Modular architecture

Integrates with any major CMS, CRM, ERP, commerce engine, POS, CDP, PSP

AI-enabled fraud management

Proprietary AI technology to detect and reduce functional and transactional fraud

Technology agnostic

Can be used with any legacy systems, frontend framework, blockchain, etc.

Fintech approach to loyalty

Facilitated payments, deposits, escrow accounts, invoicing, reporting, reconciliation and settlement

35 optimized endpoints

Comprehensive suite of 35 granular and categorized endpoints based on business use cases

API documentation

Detailed and friendly platform and API documentation

Check out our API documentation

Compared to similar solutions on the market



Reducing Partnership contract negotiations from 6-12 months to 1-4 weeks.



Operational efficiency thanks to productivity tools, consistent reporting, and an intuitive management portal.


in financial costs

Consolidated invoices as well as automated reconciliation and settlement for Partnership reporting and accounting.

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