Partner Spotlight Series

Extended Exchange Capabilties

Discover extended exchange capabilities of the Currency Alliance platform and get to know some of our Partners that provide them.

Currency Alliance’s Exchange Capabilities

The Currency Alliance platform enables any type of exchange transaction independently of the asset’s nature (points, miles, phone minutes, game time, carbon offsets, or any other value):

Gift Card Management
  • One-way or two-way exchange – with each partner retaining complete control

  • Allow members to exchange with complementary loyalty programs and their loyalty currency

  • Real time exchange into gift cards & e-vouchers - Allows to setup self branded gift cards as well as gives access to more than 4,500 gift cards in 60 fiat currencies

  • Enables extended exchange capabilities into: gaming credits, charity programs, sustainability projects, digital products such as e-magazines, online subscriptions, music, etc.


Digital Game Value with Swapto

2.9 bn people worldwide are playing video games (TO $173B in 2020*)

Enables the delivery of instant gratification – especially for less frequent customers

About Swapto

Swapto offers consumers the ability to exchange loyalty points into benefits in games and in-game currencies. The focus is on low cost, incremental rewards, which can be frequently exchanged for loyalty points at attractive rates, so that brand engagement of the loyalty program is often and meaningful, but more substantial rewards are also possible. Companies can choose between game offers to best fit their brand proposition and customer base.

Swapto manages a frequently changing, complex, & fragmented market to provide you with the sought-after games in your desired regions and is constantly working hard to add new titles and items to the list, which are already well more than 1000, e.g. Xbox, Playstation, etc.

Swapto is keen to closely work with loyalty programs with personal contact to ensure a great fit and campaign success.

Founded in 2020 in Germany

*Global gaming market, source

Why Collaborate with Swapto?

  • Provides access to a hugely relevant gaming market, as substantial parts of the population are playing (2,9bn globally).

  • Incremental rewards allow for frequent, positive member engagement.

  • Gamer account updates are a real innovation – connecting the real life of the gamer with the virtual one.

  • Game rewards are only sourced from respected & reliable sources.

  • Simple exchange UX customized to each brand’s customer experience via Currency Alliance – plug & play via proven APIs.

  • Swapto is dedicated to gaming with great expertise and networking in the space to achieve the best deals (up to 50% of RRP) and to deliver innovation.

Process overview


Swapto connects via API to publishers, purchases game items in bulk or individually


Loyalty partner selects game items and offers them to their members in exchange of loyalty value (points, miles, power consumption etc.)


Member receives activation code for the game item


Optionally, members provide gaming account details to loyalty program, which informs swapto via API


Member is informed via company that gaming account has been credited via publisher


Helping to Remove CO2 with Trees4Travel

Tree cost is far less than the customer’s perceived value

About Trees4Travel

Trees4Travel is a tree planting program that allows any traveler (or other customer) to plant a tree for the price of a coffee. The objective of planting trees is to restore ecosystems & maintain forests to remove CO2 from the air as well as providing income opportunities for impoverished communities through fruit and medicine harvesting. Trees4Travel has a clear approach of only ever planting trees that are indigenous to a region in order to ensure a high survival rate. Currently they work with local experts in Canada, Latin America and Caribbean.

Trees4Travel also combines tree planting with investment in clean energy to reduce island communities’ dependence on diesel generators. Participating members can see and be a part of the progress, see where the forests & plantations are, even visit them if they wish! Besides offering trees, they also have forests available for larger partners, which can be branded as required. Trees4Travel recently began work on its latest forest. Located in Haiti, the forest will see 240,000 trees planted, providing guaranteed employment for impoverished workers for two years.

Founded in 2020 in United Kingdom

Why Collaborate with Trees4Travel?

  • Become a more sustainable brand by promoting your new positive climate impact redemption option.

  • Give your Members a chance to be a part of "something bigger".

  • Encourage your Members to exchange their loyalty value for a positive climate impact cause.

  • Collaborate in making a world a more sustainable place.

  • Allow your Members to be part of the Trees4Travel's 'Island Love' initiative that invests in island communities currently dependent on fossil fuel power generation and converts these island communities to clean energy including solar, geothermal and wind power generation.

Any brand on the Currency Alliance platform can establish a loyalty partnership with Trees4Travel and offer their gift card as an exchange option for their miles, points or any other loyalty value.

Reward the World™

Insight into the consumer journey with Reward the World™

Reward options from 10 cents to any value – something for every member

About Reward the World™

A world-leading, rewards platform offering over 60 million instant digital entertainment choices including movies, music, magazines and newspapers, computer games, audiobooks, etc. It is a highly cost-effective digital rewards solution, providing instant gratification, with quick and easy implementation, on a local or global basis. The service runs around 3 million user transaction a month. It is a 100% digital solution that offers their services as is or as a white label option.

Thanks to the reward, clients can collect first-party data, increase sales conversion, reward loyalty, or simply acknowledge the efforts of employees and distribution partners. The Reward the World™ back end provides access to detailed analytics, AI, and reporting tools allowing customers to gain deep insights into behavior and target data collected. Its catalog is updated on a daily basis so the users always get the latest and greatest. They are specialized in Digital Entertainment, but are expanding into other categories of rewards as well.

Reward the World™ was called the first club™ prior to 2021 and works with Intercontinental Hotel Group, Fedex, Marriott, Sodexo and dozens of other leading brands.

Why Collaborate with Reward the World™?

  • Provide more instant redemption options to your Members.

  • Give your Members an opportunity to exchange your loyalty currency for something that appeals to each member - 45 000 new item are added every week and prices are updated on a daily basis.

  • Discover a new way to collect first-party data, or increase sales conversion by creating a wider collaboration with Reward the World™.

  • Provide more instant and low cost (starting at $0.10) redemptions options to users on a global basis.

  • There is a constant service upgrade with 1 upgrade per month to improve front end, back end and add new reward categories.

Any brand on the Currency Alliance platform can establish a loyalty partnership with Reward the World™ and offer their gift card as an exchange option for their miles, points or any other loyalty value.

Magazine Gold

Provide a positive brand experience with Magazine Gold

Quality journalism covering topics relevant to every customer

About Magazine Gold

Magazine Gold is the leading source of print & digital magazines for acquisition, retention, loyalty and creative promotional programs. It provides print and digital subscriptions to over 100 world's popular magazines for use as incentives and rewards in consumer and employee reward and promotional programs.

Wide selection of digital rewards will persuade visitors to provide their contact info in exchange for instant access upon completion. Magazine Gold is characterized by a simple and frictionless consumer process with no credit card or auto-renewals, just a great gifting product that has been reinvented with new technologies and can now provide both: instant access as well as a year long benefit. Magazine Gold is available to customers with U.S. IP address only.

MagazineGold has been helping clients and publishers like Coca-Cola, Johnson & Johnson, All Star Incentive Marketing or O.C. Tanner increase their acquisition rates and amplify their loyalty programs.

Magazine Gold, was prior called e-mags and was created in 2011 in New Jersey, United States.

Why Collaborate with Magazine Gold?

  • Start to capture emails, reduce bounce rates and provide a positive brand experience.

  • Give your Member a great low-cost point redemption option - while retail price ranges between 20$-40$, through Currency Alliance you can give your Members access to those subscriptions for 25% of its price.

  • Choose reward giveaways that align perfectly with your brand.

  • Give your Members an opportunity to exchange your loyalty currency for something that appeals to each member - all different categories of magazines can be found on the portal as for example "Animals and Pets", "Boating", "Cooking and Food", "Electronics and Audio", "Hispanic", "Science" and much more.

Any brand on the Currency Alliance platform can establish a loyalty partnership with Magazine Gold and offer their gift card as an exchange option for their miles, points or any other loyalty value.

Enable the White Label Exchange from Currency Alliance on you platform in hours

Extremely fast Time to Value for each loyalty program partner

Currency Alliance provides a set of mobile-friendly screens via a White Label implementation that can be set up in a matter of hours. Partners only need to enable a button on the website or apps, which calls the white label exchange service. Optionally, Single Sign-on can be enabled to improve the customer experience.

  • Speed to market - requires only one button, connectivity via single webservice call.

  • Secured environment - various SSO integrations, strong token-based authentication, One-time Passwords (OTP) and Multi-factor Authentication (MFA) included.

  • Total control over the user experience - the microsite can be customized without IT support.

  • Configurable rules - additional rules for redemption pricing, fraud management, and promotions can be configured easily.

  • Control over redemption options – retain total control over which partners, gift cards, vouchers, or exchangeable loyalty currencies are enabled.

  • Redemption options available in over 100 countries and 60+ fiat currencies– be global, but offer local redemption options for your diverse member base.

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