We support Loyalty Strategies

When was the last time you "touched" a loyalty point? Never!! The reason is because loyalty points have been a form of digital currency for the past 30+ years. Currency Alliance has simply formalized the concept by making loyalty currencies (or any other form of digital currencies) a series of bytes in the Internet Cloud.

The beauty of digital currencies is that they can be transacted securely at very low cost on a modern platform like ours - which lets you complete micro-payments (amounts between a cent and several Dollars, Euros, Pounds, etc.) at nearly zero cost.

Visa, American Express, Paypal and even Bitcoin charge anywhere from 6 cents to 4% of the transaction amount to make a payments - which means these payment methods can be too expensive for transferring small amounts between people, customers/businesses, or even between businesses.

And even better, Currency Alliance transactions will be recorded on the Blockchain for additional security, trust, and transparency. Our simple and open API can enable you to transfer small amounts of value that support dozens of business objectives.

A loyalty “points program” and a Loyalty Strategy are very different things – and most suppliers will try to sell you a program without supporting the broader Loyalty Strategy.
Program Support
Full Coalition Partner

Use all platform features to configure a co-branded loyalty program for your customers by uploading your transaction data so we can award loyalty currency and amplify Member insight. You have full access to the analytics and marketing campaign functionality to analyze your business and drive desired customer behavior.

Proprietary Partner

Run your entire branded loyalty program on our platform without sharing your customer data with the loyalty coalition. You still benefit from our comprehensive analytics platform and marketing campaign management solutions - but customer insight for personalization will be limited to only your data.

Trading Partner

Use our API to issue new loyalty currency to your customers, retrieve historical information about past transactions, transfer loyalty currency to other Members and accept loyalty currency payments. The API can also be used to make payments between Internet of Things (LoT) devices or in Smart City projects.

Manufacturer Partner

Partners that produce goods sold through distribution channels may also use the platform in a number of ways to build realtionships directly with Members. We can help you maintain greater visibility of who buys your products and when/how the are used/consumed.

Why Partner with Currency Alliance?
  • Consumers want more value (without it costing you more)
  • The Global Loyalty Ecosystem has richer insight on individuals allowing a great degree of personalization
  • Currency Alliance costs are completely aligned with maximizing ROI
  • Currency Alliance takes the extreme position on cost and mutual value - to prevent more disruptive loyalty models in the future
  • We are a technology company that ensures the configuration you choose to deploy remains leading edge and you have direct access to the information and tools to be successful as the market evolves