How it works

simple, secure & affordable

Connect your existing loyalty platform via an API. Pay only 2% on loyalty transaction value. No long-term contract or upfront costs.

Low, Simple Pricing

Currency Alliance is free to join and set up. Simply pay 2% on loyalty currencies issued or exchanged.

Easy API Integration

Start selling your currency within 30 minutes, or self-integrate your existing loyalty platform in a matter of days via our API.

platform features

Intuitive user portal

Manage your account anywhere, any time, on any device.

Customer support

Ask questions and receive best practice tips from the Currency Alliance Team.

Trade currencies

Create rules to issue, buy, sell and exchange currencies, and set prices for your points.

Analytics & reporting

Optimize your loyalty program based on actionable data and customer insights.

Network with partners

Forge alliances with other brands. Choose where customers can earn or spend their points.

Blockchain technology

Our platform is not build on blockchain, as we are blockchain agnostic. But we are expert at using blockchain if that meets your business objectives.

Marketing automation

Generate messages based on customer activity. Integration with all major social channels.

See the Platform in Action with the Following Videos

1. Sign Up

Take a look to what Currency Alliance offers to you and how it works, it’s so easy! Watch Now!

2. Partnership Request

Learn how to get partners and also how to interact with all of them. Watch Now!

3. Generate Currency

Discover all the settings and functionalities available and learn how to generate currency in our platform. Watch Now!

4. Buying a Partner Currency

Buying points/miles from a partner is easy for both parties. Watch Now!

5. Defining a Partnership

Currency Owners and Issuing Partners can easily define their commercial agreement and reflect that on the platform. Watch Now!

6. Setting Up Loyalty Rules

Learn how to easily set up and manage an infinite set of rules for Purchases & Activities. Watch Now!

No existing loyalty program?

Not a problem. Currency Alliance also offers a cost-free loyalty management platform for brands without an existing solution.

Contact us for more information.

It's free to
set up.

Pay just 2%
on points

You are welcome to use comcoin™ as your loyalty currency if you don't have one.