Digital Currency Management with an awesome solution for Loyalty Programs and Smart Cities. We operate an Open and Global platform to issue, transfer, redeem, or exchange existing or new digital currencies - such as loyalty points or any other currency unit in digital form.

One simple integration opens a world of collaboration opportunities.
Watch how Currency Alliance can engage many more of your customers
The rest of this page talks about loyalty programs, but if you are interested in digital currency, micro-payments, the Internet of Things (IoT), FinTech, or Smart Cities applications, visit our non-loyalty solutions
What Can Currency Alliance Do For You?
We can do three primary things for your business:

Our Partners can use our platform on a fully-branded and proprietary basis; or, join the global comcoin™ loyalty program in order to access richer and actionable insights about existing and potential customers.
Engaging the Mid- to Long-tail
Mid Long Tail graph

Most customers do not participate in loyalty programs because their frequency of purchase is just too low with most merchants to earn meaningful rewards.

If they don´t participate, you cannot collect the information necessary to personalize offers that would increase purchases or engagement with your brand. You may not even know who they are or how to reach them by email, SMS, or in-App messages.

There are hundreds of millions of consumers who understand loyalty programs but choose to not participate because of excessive program fragmentation.

The Currency Alliance platform enables you to manage a much larger network of partners issuing your loyalty currency or enables your currency to have a much higher perceived value because customers can trade other loyalty points for yours, or shift value among loyalty currencies to redeem for something of emotional interest.

Why Embrace comcoin™ as a secondary loyalty currency?

Comcoin™ is highly engaging for consumers because:

  • It can be collected from many sources
  • It never expires
  • It can be spent anywhere Visa or MasterCard are accepted
  • There are no complicated rules or redemption restrictions
  • It´s value is stable over time because each comcoin is worth 1 US cent
  • We pass 100% of the amount you pay for comcoins to the customer so they earn faster and remain active
  • Members receive highly personalized offers from our partners - which convert better and are perceived as a valuable service - rather than SPAM
Modern customers have an overwhelming amount of choice – and limiting the value they receive through closed schemes creates indifference. Appealing to the wider market by offering a truly useful loyalty currency helps you engage with 2-3 times more customers and deliver offers that are only good at your online or offline stores.
Visit the website for more information on the consumer-facing program.
Common Objections

"Why would I want to give a loyalty currency that my customers could spend with my competitors?"

Putting the customer first

This simple act of putting the customer's interests first gets their attention. It will attract more business to your store, usually increase the purchase amount, and should increase frequency. You will also have the ability to deliver personalized offers that are only good at your outlets.

Giving total freedom

We do give Members total freedom, but showing a little love and respect earns confindence and loyalty. Besides, comcoins earned at competitors can also be spent at your store - so it all evens out, unless you are better at marketing, in which case you should receive more comcoins than you issue.

Participating in an ´open loyalty ecosystem´

Customers now have great choice. To remain relevant, your loyalty currency must become more liquid so the customer is motivated to identify themselves during purchase in exchange for more valuable points/miles.

Protecting your data

We never share what a customer bought from you with anyone else in the network. We only use the data to enhance the customer's profile and share the segmentation level insights.

How does it work?

And best of all, comcoin transactions can be recorded to the Blockchain for security, trust, and transparency.
Currency Alliance is the Partner to support Your Loyalty Strategy

Our low cost and easy to use platform enables the loyalty point liquidity your customers desire – which also allows you to remove the ´bad´ type of Balance Sheet liability your CFO will appreciate.

We pass 100% of the value you pay for each point goes to the consumer, the higher level of engagement attracts more customers to your store - while increasing frequency and purchase amount. And, your accounting team will like comcoin™ because it greatly simplifies your accounting and compliance.

With more customers participating, you get much better data – which enables much better marketing (a virtuous loop that improves ROI).

Get customers back to your store with personalized offers delivered directly to the Member's mobile device.

Take a minute to let that sink in. These characteristics are really powerful !!

Maximize ROI with Low Variable Costs and Micro-targeting

Pay only for Actions that Drive Engagement
We have everything you need to run a Successful Program
We are an Enterprise Scale Solution
Our Platform and Program is Designed for the largest Global Retailers, but equally powerful and simple for Local businesses